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Virtual Reality and Weed: The Top 6 Video Games to Play While High

Virtual reality gaming is the most immersive gaming experience ever, and when you mix it with cannabis's calming effects, you're in for a truly unforgettable adventure. Welcome to a world where reality isn't clear and fantasy runs wild. Every moment here is full of fun, relaxation, and wonder. We're going to talk about the top six VR games that promise to take your experience to new levels and are great for gamers who want to unwind after a long day.

While wearing a VR headset, picture yourself in a virtual world that seems more real than reality itself. As you inhale your best strain's relaxing effects, you start a journey like no other, making every turn, meeting, and experience more intense. From heart-pounding action to mind-bending puzzles, these games offer something for every type of gamer, ensuring that your high-fueled adventure is nothing short of extraordinary. 

Whether you want to escape to faraway places, test your strength against powerful enemies, or just lose yourself in the stunning beauty of virtual worlds, these games will elevate your gaming experience. Prepare for a trip you'll never forget while you sit back and take it easy.

  1. Beat Saber: Slice, Dice, and Groove

Beat Saber: Slice, Dice, and GrooveThe first game on our list is Beat Saber, a rhythm-based hit. As soon as you enter the VR world, you are given lightsabers and told to cut through blocks while racing music plays in the background. The engaging graphics, catchy music, and satisfying gameplay in Beat Saber make it a must-play for anyone who wants to improve their gaming experience while enjoying the calming effects of cannabis.

  1. Superhot VR: Time-Bending Action

Next, we have Superhot VR, a game that breaks the rules with its unique way of changing time. Time only moves when you do in this action-packed game, so you can dodge bullets, smash enemies, and let out your inner action hero in slow motion. With its sleek visuals and intense gameplay, Superhot VR is the perfect choice for a high-powered gaming session that will leave you feeling invigorated.

  1. Moss: A Tale of Tiny Proportions

Need a more relaxed experience? Choose Moss, an enchanting VR adventure that puts you in the shoes of a brave mouse named Quill. Set in a magical forest full of wonder and danger, Moss mixes charming storytelling with easy-to-understand gameplay. You can use both traditional controls and VR interactions to help Quill on her epic quest. It's the perfect escape for anyone craving a dose of whimsy and wonder in their gaming experience.

  1. Job Simulator: Ordinary Work with Extraordinary Fun

You can explore different simulated workplaces with funny effects when you enter a fantasy world where robots have taken over human jobs. From cooking up a storm in a virtual kitchen to causing chaos in an office setting, Job Simulator offers endless opportunities for laughter and creativity while you enjoy your high.

  1. Thumper: Rhythm Violence in VR

Get ready to be captivated by Thumper, a rhythm-based violent game that pushes the limits of how immersive sound and video can be. Thumber lets you play as a sleek metal beetle, speeding through a pulsing, psychedelic world, dodging obstacles, and releasing powerful beats to beat your enemies. With its hypnotic visuals, adrenaline-pumping soundtrack, and addictive gameplay, For an unforgettable trip, Thumper is best played in virtual reality, especially while high.

  1. Tetris Effect: Puzzle Perfection in VR

Rounding out our list is Tetris Effect, a modern twist on the timeless classic that takes puzzle-solving to a whole new level of fascination. With its stunning visuals and immersive noises, Tetris Effect combines the addictive gameplay of Tetris with the sensory stimulation of VR to create an experience that is both relaxing and thrilling. If you're a dedicated Tetris player or just a casual gamer looking for a fun way to unwind, Tetris Effect is the best game for you.

Elevate Your Gaming Experience with CBD and VR

Elevate Your Gaming Experience with CBD and VRVirtual reality and weed have the power to lift your spirits and create new opportunities for enjoyment. Combining CBD's calming benefits with the immersive VR experience creates a great effect that encourages pleasure, creativity, and relaxation.

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